Road Trip:  Sandusky OH
Memorial Day Weekend
Day One:  Cedar Point Amusement Park
Voted the best amusement park on the planet.  We were worried about weather, but headed out first thing in the morning on Saturday.  The rides were wide open when we got there, and Camden and Grace were able to ride anything they wanted.  Cam was much more excited about the rides than Grace who did NOT like the roller coaster.

So, here's the deal.  The Baths are in CT.  The Clasens are in WI.  Pick a spot somewhere in the middle.  Decide you must take a vacation.  Plan the trip in less than a week.
Here comes the rain!!!  Okay, it didn't last long, but it gave us a chance to head back to the hotel for a little nap/relaxation time.
They even held hands on the ride!  I'm waiting for the collective "Awwwww."
Day Two:  Other fun things to do in the Sandusky area.  We had the kids itching to visit the Dinosaur Park. Perhaps, we built up the event a bit much, but how were we to know?  It was a bit of a cheese fest, but we had a good time anyway.  There was an interesting gravity defying house.
Day 3:  What Memorial Day would be complete without a parade.  The perfect end to a wonderful family friendly weekend.  And the perfect opportunity to teach your children how to crush others in the process of collecting as much candy as possible! 
Kids on a candy mission!