Puerto Rico 2008

Day Four:  Redemption

Though I was still worried about how this day would go with 5 ˝ hours on the boat, we all decided to give it a shot.  We wanted to be out of the house early so we could stop at Walmart on the way in for more sunscreen and to find a hat for Fatih.  The trip to Fajardo was very fast.  Almost disappointing since if we had known it was so close, we would have gone sooner for supplies.  We were absolutely shocked to discover that Walmart didn’t open until 11:00!  We did get the sunscreen at Walgreens, but no luck on the hat.  Got some donuts at Dunkin Donuts, and headed to the Marina.  We parked, and I ran down to check in, but they weren’t yet doing so.  By the time I went back to the parking lot, and we all got back down, the line was huge.  We were disappointed because we saw all the shady seats taken, and it seemed so crowded.  This added to our fear of the trip.  We were very grateful to a couple who ended up giving up their seats so that we could have Faith in the shade for the trip. 

The ride began, and we had about a 45 min catamaran trip out to the Island of Icacos.  The ride was fine, though Faith got fussy through parts of it, and it was a bit frustrating.  We got to the Island and docked, and there were a lot of boats already there.   We had a nice time.  Grace played in the waves, and Faith sat on the sand and dug in.  She really enjoyed the water coming and splashing her feet.  After a while, Grace and I went back to the boat to get a snorkel in order to practice before we got dropped off in big water.  It was pretty tough for Grace, but I was excited for what was to come.  Not long after, they sounded the lunch horn, so we got back on the boat and ate a delicious lunch with sandwiches,  pasta salad, fruits, etc.  I should mention there was an open bar, so the boat had a party like feel to it, with  lots of people seemingly there just to drink.  While we were still eating, the boat took off, and we went to the spot over a coral reef to dock.    Grace decided she really just wanted to swim, but we got a snorkel and flippers for her anyway.  It was hard for her out on the ocean with the waves.  She kept taking in water.  I loved what I got to see, but we kept having to go back to the boat to readjust.  Bill finally came down after Faith fell asleep.  My parents decided not to try snorkeling.  With both of us there, we each got to snorkel a bit.  After a while, Grace was done swimming, so Bill and I got some time on our own.  THAT was great.  I LOVED snorkeling.  Bill said it was one of the best experiences in his life. 

The ride back was nice.  We had cookies, and it was overcast, so we were able to hang out and watch the water.  Faith was happy and relaxed. 

We go back to the marina and decided it was too early to eat anything in Fajardo, so we drove back to the condo, got changed and decided to explore the Wyndham Rio Mar.  It was a lovely resort, and we had a delicious dinner at Marbellas.  Everyone enjoyed their food, and we walked around a bit.  At first, I think Bill was struck by the beauty and wished we’d stayed there (it was on the short list), but by the time we left, we all agreed that we liked our space, our terrace, and being  able to escape the resort as well.