Puerto Rico 2008

Day Five:  Winding Down

This was our last day before travel.  We had no definite plans except time on the beach.  I suggested horseback riding with Grace, and she was all for it, so we decided to go when they opened at 10 to free up the rest of the day.  We had a bit of a wait to get to our horses as a large group of people had come for the 2 hour tour right before us.  In the category of “it’s a very small world,” we were waiting with another family.  It turned out they were also from Janesville.  It was incredibly coincidental.  Mandy, the mom, was actually from Monroe and had gone to St. Victor’s.  It was almost too much.  We had a nice time chatting.  I wish Grace’s and my horse had stayed closer together, but she tended to fall behind more.  We rode for about an hour in the foothills of El Yunque.

We got back to the condo around 12:00, had a quick bite and got ready for the beach.  We spent a few hours splashing in the waves.  Faith slept on the sand again.  Grace just couldn’t get enough of the ocean.  We wished we’d had a body board, but we did use Faith’s flotation device as a make shift wake board. 

After beach time, we got ready  to go out to dinner.  We didn’t have any definite plans for this night either, but we ended up deciding to go back to Richie’s since the view was just so good.  They actually had a new menu (with higher prices) likely for the Puerto Rico Open.  We had a great dinner again, and then we went back to the Rio Mar to get Grace a souvenir and for some ice cream.  Grandma ended up treating Grace to BOTH of her choices, which was fine since Grace was so good on the trip. 

When we got back to the condo we did some organizing to get ready for the big travel day the next day.  Grace was already sad.  She said Puerto Rico was better than Disneyworld and she definitely wanted to come back.  Bill and I also loved Puerto Rico.  There is plenty we didn't get to do:  kayaking the bio bay, the Nature Preserve, and of course more time in Old San Juan. My parents liked our beach a lot, but weren't big fans of the food. 


Day Six:  Goodbye Puerto Rico

We don't have any  pictures from our final day, but I'll just add a quick note.  We opted for the pool rather than the beach in the morning to avoid the sand.  It was good thing, since it started raining right after we got to the  pool.  We finished packing and left the condo by about 10:30.  We stopped at a KFC along the way, and were at the airport quite early, even passing through the USDA inspection and Dad's usual major search (knee replacement).  We wandered about a bit, and bought some sandwiches for the plane right.  The plane was delayed on the ground a bit, which was not good since the return flight was already longer than the departure.  Faith had a pretty rough time during parts of the flight, and it was exhausting.  She did finally konk out though.  I got to watch a couple of movies, and thankfully, the pilot made up a bunch of time, and we actually arrived to O'hare EARLY!  Then we had the mad scramble again, but we got home around 10:00 pm, and Goldie was very happy to see us, but her sitter left lots of notes about the walks she got to take while we were gone.