Puerto Rico 2008

Day Three:  Cut Your Losses

This day sucked almost from the beginning.  We wanted to be out the door early for Old San Juan, as I knew it would feel hotter there and would get crowded fast.  Our first glitch was having Faith take a tumble head  first into the ceramic tile, giving her a big old goose egg on her forehead.  We nursed that for a bit and off we went. 

The drive took about 45 minutes or so, and we were immediately struck by how small and difficult to maneuver the streets were.  We parked as soon as we could and went to La Bombonera for breakfast.  My parents had seen it on Rachel Ray, and they did serve delicious Mallorcas.  After breakfast, we decided to head to El Morro, because we didnít know how long people would last.  It was a longer walk from where we had parked than expected which was hard on mom, dad, and the kids, but we made it, and things seemed okay for a while.  Our next glitch came because Faith wouldnít leave a hat on, and it was so sunny and hot on the fort.  Gorgeous site, by the way.  The kites flying.  Right on the water.  Beautiful.  She wanted out of the stroller, so I let her walk, but the ground was uneven and rocky, and she kept falling, skinned her knee pretty well.  So, I decided enough of that, and she fought me very hard.  Bill and I had a miscommunication and ended up fighting.  That pretty much ended our time in El Morro without seeing all of it.  We walked back down into Old San Juan, hoping to find a place for an ice cream treat.  We struggled there too and ended up at McDonalds.  Although Bill and I had much more we wanted to see, we decided to cut our losses at go at that point.  No museums, etc.  It was disappointing, but the kids were melting, and it just wasn't worth anymore stress.

We stopped to eat on the way back in at a place just by our condo, and it was good.  Took longer than expected, as usual.  We decided to walk the beach down to the Wyndham Rio Mar when we got back to go have dessert.  That became fiasco #2.  Grace was disappointed as she just wanted to swim in the waves, but neither Bill nor I were wearing suits, so we didnít let her go in.  Faith wanted down, so I let her walk a bit, but then she just wanted to play as well.  Bill and I had another miscommunication (read fight) when Faith nearly walked into the water.  My parents got around the corner and realized we still had too far to walk, so we all headed back. 

At that point, Bill and Grace went down to play in the ocean, and my mom and I spent time trying to diagnose Faithís eye which was read and puffy.  I gave her a bath (and she pooped in the tub) trying to clear it out in case it were sunscreen or sand.  I called a nurse who said to take her in, but I couldnít find a clinic, so Bill and I flushed it again when he got back and that seemed to do the trick.  After this day, I seriously questioned whether we could handle the snorkeling trip we had planned for the next day.