Puerto Rico 2008

Day Two:  Wonderful (and a little weary still)


I woke at 4:00.  No idea why, but  I stayed in bed for a while.  Around 5:30 I got up, and listened to the sounds.  Took some pictures, enjoyed the morning.  We were a little slow moving, but got ready to head out to the Rainforest by a little after 9.  Mom decided to stay behind to get some sun.

Itís a short drive, but wow what a drive.  The twists and turns and narrow road were a little harrowing to say the least.  Up up up the mountain.  Our first ďstopĒ was an old tower (yokaharu) where we had amazing views of the ocean and the surrounding rainforest.  Up up up the mountain we went, and our next stop was the trail to La Mina waterfall.  After a debate about whether to take the shorter, but more difficult route versus the longer but more gentle one, we opted for the first.   Grace was anxious to get hiking.  Strapped Faith on my back, and we were off.  The walk down wasnít bad, until Grace took a tumble, and drama ensued.  We got back on track and arrived at the falls without difficulty.  It took about a Ĺ hour to get there.  Grace and I tried to walk out to the falls, but the rocks were slippery, and the water was freezing, so didnít make it far.  There were a number of bikini clad girls there too, so it was hard to get unobstructed shots of the falls. 

The trip back up to the car was much more laborious.  Definitely sweating and out of breath.  Iím not sure how long it took but we were exhausted and hungry when we got there.  We were glad we had left early as well since the trail was getting pretty packed then.  We stopped off for an ice cream treat and to look at souvenirs on the way down, and then we went back to the condo for a quick lunch.

Now it was beach time!  Iím not sure Iíve ever enjoyed a beach as much.  Our condo is really just steps from a beach that is pretty private.  Itís not pristine, but not bad either.  What really makes it is that there is almost no one else there.  Only one couple anywhere near us.  Grace just has a ball.  She loved the ocean and beach combing.  Faith liked it a bit at first, but then zonked out for a long nap on the beach.  When she woke up, she wasnít too into the sand at all.  It was the most relaxing afternoon Iíve had in ages.  Gorgeous setting and perfect weather. 

After a couple of hours, we headed back to the condo to change and get ready for dinner.  We opted for Don Pepeís as we knew where it was.  We had delicious appetizers but the wait for our food was rather long and the girls were beginning to melt down at that point.  Mixed reviews on this restaurant.  My mom had a fabulous snapper dish, and Bill had mofongo with conch.  I had a steak that was flavorful but a bit tough.  After dinner, we stopped off for more sunscreen and then back to the condo.  The girls had bathed, and we just hung out until bed time.