Puerto Rico 2008

Day One:  Weary


The alarm went off at 3:38 in order to make our 8 am flight.  Yawn.  Faith was actually up and fairly happy during this time, and didnít fall back asleep until 5:00ish in the car.  Grace never slept after 4:15 until night time.  Amazing.  We were out the door on time, and had a more stressful than anticipated drive down to Oíhare.  Had some drama with getting to the parking place as well.  Thankfully, we were doing well on time because by the time we got to the airport, it was 6:30.  Then the hell of checking in and getting through security with our plethora of bags began.  There was barely time to hit the  potty and grab some crappy breakfast sandwiches (which we ate on the plane) before boarding.

The plane ride was okay.  Faith managed to stay fairly well behaved until about the last hour.  She took a much too short nap, which complicated the issue.  Further complicating our ride was the fact that we had brought an air adaptor for the laptop, but the plane was not yet equipped.  Good bye to the hope of Barney being our saving grace.  Speaking of Grace, she was delightful.  Just perfect.  She read, colored, played with her DS, and with a computer game.  The plane landed on time, and we were off on the mad dash for luggage and to get to the car rental place.  Again despite our luggage, all went well.  We loaded in the minivan, and we were off. 

The drive to the condo was slower than expected despite not being many miles.  Lots of traffic,  and an accident along the way.  I think it was about 3:40 when we got here.  The first few minutes were reserved for exploring.  The condo is fabulous with great views all around.  The best part is this enormous terrace, where I am sitting now listening to the ocean, the birds, and watching the sunrise. 

We proceeded to unpack and then headed out to eat.  We went to Richieís which is just up the hill from us, but not easy to find.  It overlooks the ocean and has spectacular views.  We had a delicious dinner with appetizers I couldnít  name, and I had a stuffed mofongo I really enjoyed.  After dinner, we stopped off at the grocery store, and then back to the condo.  We tried to check out the beach, but it was too dark at that point.  The girls ran around on the terrace for ages.  Faith fought sleep so hard, but when she went down, she slept all the way through the night!