Grace's Park
Step 1:  We had to clear more area for the fort and the rock.  Grace helped quite a bit with moving dirt/grass.  We did this two weeks before beginning construction.  Grandpa moved the rock during the week that followed.
Step 2:  4th of July weekend.  Friday, daddy bought the wood/tools.  Saturday, with the help of an awesome new miter saw, daddy and mommy cut all the wood and assembled two sides in the garage.  Grace checked out what her new "park" would look like and played with the accessories.
Left:  Fort at the end of Sunday.  With the help of a surprise visit from Grandpa Clasen, the fort was built in the lawn.  Both grandpas, grandma, mommy and daddy, then moved it into place.
Right:  End of Monday.  Grace was very excited to get to swing on her new "park."  At this point, we still needed to stain and add the accessories.
And finally . . . Tuesday night, mommy and daddy put in a floor. Wednesday night mommy and daddy finished staining.  Thursday night, we attached accessories.  There is a verticle climber and a rockwall in back as well as a rock climber type thing on the side.  We thought the rock wall/climbers in back would be too much of a challenge, but Grace climbed right up! 
7:45 am!!! "I must play and play and play."