Lazy Days


I just wanted to get some updated pics out.  Faith will be 3 weeks on Tuesday.  She's definitely growing, and I'm looking forward to seeing what her weight is this week when she has her next appointment.  She is starting to be alert more throughout the day, which has been nice.  She's working on smiling back at us, and I know it's coming soon.  She's also developing some fussy periods during the day, and seems rather attached to mommy.  So far, she sleeps fairly well at night.  She goes down around 8, and wakes at about 1 and again at 5 to eat.   This definitely meshes with our schedule, so we're quite happy with it. 

Grace went back to school and Bill to work this past week.  Faith and I have stayed fairly lazy throughout the day.  There are only two more weeks until I start back to work, though it will only be two days a week.  I'm not really looking forward to it at this point, as it just seems too soon.  I'm so hoping Faith takes a bottle better than Grace did.  She did take her first bottle from daddy yesterday, and we were all happy about that. I also need to start working on getting her to fall asleep on her own; she really enjoys cuddling, and it's so hard not to cuddle a newborn, but I since I have one child who didn't sleep through the night until 5, I would like that to happen a little sooner with Faith. 

Grace has been good with her.  She absolutely adores her little sister, and wants to hold, cuddle, and kiss her ALL the time.  She does however let us know that she thinks we are giving the baby more attention than we are giving her.  She's had some regression issues with baby talk, thumb sucking, and not listening, etc.  It's frustrating; we try to be understanding, but it's also sort of difficult since she really hasn't seen her attention diminish any, but it's just her perception. 

We've been so blessed with generosity and love, and it's been a very exciting time.  We've stayed pretty low key though and really boring.  We're starting to venture out a bit more--went down to Rockford yesterday to do some shopping--so life will pick up steam more soon.

We decided we needed a van as well.  Forgot how much the supply train changes with an infant, and now with two kids, it just seems so much more convenient.  So, we ended up with a Honda Odyssey.  I absolutely love it, and am so glad we bit the bullet.

Happy New Year everyone!