A little love from mommy and daddy.  And of course, a hug for "Shrimp," who's not very shrimpy any more.  What a great picture of daddy and Grace!  Melts mommy's heart!
We were a little worried about how the day would go.  Last night Grace was full of tears and fears about the school year.  She worried about making friends and not knowing how to do things.
She seemed to be much calmer in the morning though.  In large part, she was feeling rather cute and expressive, so I think that helped quite a bit.  Look at that face!
Posing on the playground before heading in.  And then the ritual hanging of the backpack on her very own hook!
She ended up getting right to work on a puzzle even with the chaos all around her.  She shut down a bit in terms of talking, but no tears.  She was okay with us leaving.  We were a little less okay.

She was in great spirits at the end of the day, excited to see me, but full of talk about the day.  She even made a new friend and is excited to go back.