Baby #2 Update
We had our big ultrasound on August 8th. It was a long day because the appointment wasn't until 7:00p.m.  Grace had been counting down the days to find out where she would have a baby brother or sister.
The appointment went well as far as we can tell.  The baby is measuring on target with a heartbeat of 138.  Currently, the baby weighs about 12oz.  At the end of the appointment the tech let Grace and Grandma come in to see the baby. 
The tech had asked if we wanted to know gender right away, and I said, "Sure."  When she was scanning around, I took one look and knew exactly what it was.  Even Bill said it was obvious.  So, you can imagine how delighted Grace was to have her wish come true.  She's having a . . .

That's right!  Baby Girl #2!!!