May 2007


Life remained busy throughout May.  Faith continues to grow so quickly.  She's a joy.  She seems like such an easy baby to us.  It feels like she's always been here.  Grace is getting ready to finish her first year of school.  She's done very well, and although she doesn't really like it, she's a good student with amazing reading skills.  She's really very thoughtful and mature.  I finished up a semester but then immediately started my 3 week course.  It's intense, but it will be nice when it's done, and I can enjoy the rest of the summer.  I continue to add to my cadre of wraps, slings, and baby carriers.  Bill's been busy with work, but we're enjoying the lack of overtime right now.  Seems there's still always too much to do around the house though. 


Faith loves being outside and got to enjoy her first "swing" in the play area.  She really enjoyed it, especially being pushed by her big sister.


The weather was right to test out some kites Grace got from Grandma Clasen.  Grace even caught the little one as it landed.


Grace still loves spending time with Faith.  They love to hang out together.  Faith truly lights up every time Grace is near.  Grace can make her laugh just by looking at her. 


A first taste of food!  I gave Faith some avocado one night.  She seemed to like the experience, and communicated very clearly.  When the food was gone, she threw the spoon on the table to be re-filled.  She wants total control of the spoon as well.  We're just giving her something once in a while right now, and she's off and on about whether she's really interested.


We took an overnight trip to Chicago for Memorial Day weekend.  A quick and dirty one, precipitated by a great Priceline rate.  The primary destination was American Girl Place, where "Emma' got her hair done, and Grace got to pick out a couple of things.  She claims she had no idea it would be so fun or that it would be so hard to make a decision.  We also walked Michigan Ave. a bit, ate a lot, and swam at the hotel.  Monday, we headed to the Navy Pier for some rides and the Children's Museum.  It was a wonderful family trip.