June 2007


June flew by and was over before I knew it.  I was finishing teaching the first week, and then spent a week getting together with friends and having play dates.  Grace had one week off of school before starting summer school.  She claims to "hate" it, but she comes home and makes her own flash cards and drills me on math problems when driving around town.  She enjoys playing "spelling test" with me too.  So, I think "hate" may be the wrong word.


Grace went back to dance in the spring after a year of gymnastics.  She was pretty bored throughout the class, and even switched half way through.  We weren't all that impressed with her recital piece, but after the show she got all excited seeing what some of the bigger girls got to do.  We explained you had to do the boring stuff in order to do the exciting dances, so now she wants to stay in dance again. 



Grace finished her first year of school in early June.  I'm just in shock at how grown up she is.  She is an excellent student despite her seeming dislike of school.  Her wonderful teacher, Mrs. Sarauer said Grace was always excited, so again, I think Grace may be pulling my leg about not liking school.  She really took off in reading this year.  We are constantly amazed by what she can read.



The next major event was a big one.  Grace got her ears pierced.  For the longest time she wasn't interested, and suddenly she was.  We called her friend Silvia and asked her about the experience, and she decided she wanted to go.  So, we went to the mall on a boring Sunday.  It was harder than we both expected, but she made it through both ears.  She cried all the way home, but then it was over, and she's glad she got it done.  She's done an excellent job of taking care of her ears.  She picked the fake diamonds because she liked how sparkly they were.


These are just a few miscellaneous shots of the girls.  Faith is really growing and playing more.  She can sit on her own, but still falls.  She's iffy about solid food.  She mostly likes to play with the spoon.  Both girls seems to like jewelry, so watch out future boyfriends!