Gettysburg/Hershey PA 2007

We have just come back from our first family vacation with Faith.  We had a chance to see family and friends.  Both girls were incredibly well behaved and even managed to survive doing the trip straight through on the way back.  We couldn't be more proud of them. It was so successful, we're already planning next year's trip.




We took off on June 29th, and made it to a pre-planned stop in Pittsburg.  The hotel had issues, but it was a free night on reward points so no complaints.  The next morning, we met up with Bob, Sharon, Phoebe, and Raina for breakfast and took off for a day in Gettysburg.

We had a long drive full of twists and turns, but arrived to a gorgeous day.  We decided to walk through the cemetery and then had lunch. 

After lunch, we explored the "High Water Mark."  It was amazing to imagine what the soldiers went through walking up that hill.

Unfortunately, we had several mixed signals and a wrong turn which meant that once we started the auto tour through major battle sites, we never hooked back up with the other Clasen clan.  Grace was so disappointed; we even tried to hike up Little Round Top but that didn't work either. 


After Gettysburg, we headed on to Hershey to meet up with our friends the Baths where we would spend the rest of the week.  It was so great to see them again and to meet their newest addition, Devin, who is just 5 days younger than Faith, but a few lbs bigger!

We were off to Hershey Park first thing Monday morning.  The kids were so excited to ride the rides. They were both a little timid the first day about their ride choices. 

I was a little frustrated because I had a hard time finding chocolate in Hershey Park.  I'm still amazed at that chocolate wasn't EVERYWHERE. 

We went back to the room for a nap and then went back in the evening when the kids started to warm up more, and Grace rode her new favorite ride, The Falcon.

As you can see, Faith spent most of her time camped out with mommy snoozing when she needed to.


On Tuesday we made a trip down to Intercourse (Bill is still making jokes yet today).  This is Amish country.  We did an Amish Buggy tour, which was interesting, and we ate a family style meal.  Food was good, though service was slow.  The rest of what we saw was fairly touristy, so we ended up heading back, and relaxing in the room the rest of the afternoon/evening.



Wednesday was the 4th of July.  It was a day we headed back to Hershey Park.  Grace was even braver and decided to try a roller coater.  It was sort of a moderate level roller coaster, a step above the small baby ones.  She LOVED it and rode it five times that day.  I even convinced her to try the the next step up which was a wooden roller coaster.  She didn't much care for that one, but she didn't cry, and she survived without incident.  Jenn, Chris, and the boys had headed back to the room earlier, and we stayed until it started pouring rain.  We had a delicious Bath brisket for dinner.

Faith, again found herself snoozing throughout the day.  This time daddy got the pleasure, and mommy got to ride those roller coasters.  We did trade later, and daddy got Grace to sit in the front row and put those hands up!












Thursday we started out at Chocolate World, which had a simulated factory tour/experience, food, chocolate shopping, and a 3-D show. 

We were in a cheesy mood to start, determined to enjoy Chocolate World.  Grace liked it, and even road the "tour" again.  The Baths headed out while we did that and went to Zoo America.  We got there and had maybe a half an hour before the rain/thunder came.  It was a pretty sad little zoo.

Back to the room again for free play and chatting.


Yes, it's a posed picture, but we couldn't let the final "Hershey" moment go.

Our ride home was good.  Never expected we'd actually do it one day, but everyone was doing great.  We got to see fireworks from the White Sox stadium in Chicago.  That traffic was not fun. 

So to conclude this year's trip here are the highs:

  • Seeing Bob, Sharon and the girls
  •  Seeing Jenn, Chris and the boys
  •  Knowing Bill got to see Gettysburg
  • Watching Grace ride big kid rides
  •  Spending time together as a family
  • Having two very well behaved girls
  • Faith teaching herself "peek a boo" with the blanket in the car.

And the lows:

  • Evil drivers cutting us off
  • Bad Chicago traffic
  • An Ugly wrong turn in Gettysburg
  • Difficulty finding chocolate in Hershey
  • Hersheypark in general was a bit of a let down
  • Problematic fire alarms that went off for no reason
  • No internet access at the hotel