Faith's First Days

Our time in the hospital was thankfully short.  Bill spent the first night with me, and he slept on the most uncomfortable cot I have ever seen.  Faith was fairly restless, and we both felt very exhausted in the morning.  He went home to get Grace ready for school, stopped back up to say goodbye, and headed in to work for a half day.  Faith and I relaxed and dozed.  Grandma stopped up to visit a couple of times.  In the afternoon, Grandpa had to pick Grace up early from school as she was complaining of a sore throat.  She ended up with strep.  So, Bill stopped at the hospital for a couple of hours and then went home to take care of Grace.  Good timing huh?  Grace was feeling too ill to come visit anyway. 

I was recovering quite well by all standards and became hopeful I would be able to come home the next day.  All of the nurses indicated that it wouldn't be a problem.  They said that as soon as doctors did their rounds, I should be released. 

I was looking forward to it as the hospital was getting comfortable, and I was just ready to be at home. 

Homecoming Day!!!

It took a little longer for release than expected as my doctor didn't get in until after 10, and we had to wait for her.  Grandpa called at eleven since Grace was getting so antsy for us to get home.  We kept asking the nurses, so they made sure we were the doctor's first stop on her rounds.  We were able to head out about 11:30.

What a joy to be home.  Grace immediately sat on the couch and waited to hold her sister.  She was just thrilled.  I was still moving slowly, and that's hard for me, of course.  I wanted to jump in and start doing everything, but it just wasn't possible. 

Faith slept most of the afternoon, and we did have our first visitors when Andrea and John stopped by bearing gifts (and final exams for mommy to grade!).

Lazy days.  Bill is home until after New Year's and after today, Grace will be too.  We will be enjoying some lazy time getting used to our new family, recovering, and enjoying watching Faith grow. 

She's already growing and changing.  She's still very sleepy right now--a little more restless at night than during the day, but it's hard for us to get any awake shots of her. 

I'm still sore, as to be expected, and the limited mobility is taking a toll on me.  I want to be back in the swing of things, and I hate that Bill has to handle everything.  He's being such a trooper though, and I would be going insane without him.

Christmas is only a few days away, and we are all looking forward to our first Christmas together.