Disney Vacation


Days Six and Reflection



Our last day was filled with mixed emotion.  We were exhausted, but sad to leave.  We decided to opt out of a park (

we have 5 more non expiring days available to us!  Yay another trip!).  So we went souvenir shopping in Downtown Disney.






The kids had a lot of fun in Legoland.  There is a play area there, and it gave me a chance to relax, as I was feeling pretty spent.  Bill caught a shot of Jenn and me chatting without typing! 

Grace picked a Tinkerbell playset, and filled a Mr. Potatohead box for her souvenirs.  Oh goody!  Lots of pieces!  Bill was pretty darned excited about Mr. Potato head too.

We ate a LOT of ice cream on this trip.  Grace has discovered a new favorite - BANANA  SPLITS! 



And the end is here.  We had a quick flight home, and Grace enjoyed a movie on the laptop until it ran out of juice. 



And so we've come to the official end of our second Disney trip.  This was also our second family trip with the Baths with whom we went to Ohio in May.  Grace and Cam enjoyed each other, and never had any problems playing.  Cam is much more of a thrill seeker than Grace, who doesn't like to go fast.  She says when she's 6, she thinks she'll like roller coasters, so we'll see.  We all enjoyed the time away from work (and even no internet).  We hope to see the Baths again soon. Overall, it was a good trip.  We saw a lot; did a lot; and ate a lot.  Bill and Grace and I remain entranced by the magic of Disney, and we know we'll return!


  Other Pics from our Disney Trip!