Disney Vacation


Day Two


This was a Magic Kingdom morning!  The kids got dressed up as Prince Phillip and Princess Aurora for breakfast at Cinderella's Royal Table. 




We arrived at Magic Kingdom just shortly after opening.  Things were still fairly quiet around the park, and we headed straight for Buzz since Cam was so excited to see him.  Buzz, the Incredibles, and Stitch were all in the same area.  Didn't get good shots of Buzz or the Incredibles, but it was a fun area in Tomorrowland.

After that it was time for a ride or two before a late breakfast.


It was very exciting to discover when we got our pictures later, that Tinkerbell had been following Grace and Cam all day and even showed up in one of the pictures!

Breakfast at the castle was a little less magical than last time.  We first had to wait in line to see Cinderella who no longer works the room.  Then the princesses seemed to be a little more hurried.  We did see Cinderella, Belle, Aurora, Snow White, and the Fairy Godmother.

Things were starting to heat up in terms of crowds and weather after the castle breakfast.  Lines were a longer, so we tried to go with what we could.  We managed to make it through the parade, but we were facing the sun, so I couldn't get any good parade shots.  Bill had his pineapple sundae.  Yum!  The kids really loved the Swiss Family Treehouse and Pooh's Playful spot. 

That night we had a couple of fun hours in MGM.  The weather was better as were crowds.  Grace danced through the streets (okay I did too, but that's only on video). There was comical fun when
Jenn and I sprinted through the park after riding Rock N Roller Coaster to meet up with everyone at Playhouse Disney.  I'm not sure I would want to see that!

  Other Pics from our Disney Trip!