Disney Vacation


Day One


We met up with Chris, Jenn, and Cam at the Orlando Airport and hopped on Magical Express to go to our hotel--Boardwalk Villas.  We checked in and headed over to MGM. Here are some shots of the hotel and us on our way over.

We only had a couple of hours in the afternoon before the kids were about ready for a meltdown, but we met quite a few characters in that time. There are more than what I've put here, but this is a good indication.  Everyone had been up for a LONG time, so despite a lot of excitement, the characters were also a little overwhelming.

Headed back to the room, and were very pleased with the location and the layout.  We had a 2 bdr villa (rented points), so we had a living area/kitchen and two separate bedrooms with bathrooms.  The kids played around and found matching sweatshirts from Tigger in the drawers!  We did get to see Fantasmic at MGM that night as well.  It did have a few intense moments, but it was an interesting show.  We later found we could see a few of the fireworks from Fantasmic from our balcony.

  Other Pics from our Disney Trip!