Happy Birth Day

Faith Mae


I began feeling contractions on my way to administer a final exam on Monday night.  As the night went on, they did get closer and stronger. At midnight, I woke Bill, and we got ready to go to the hospital.  Unfortunately, when we arrived, there really hadn't been much progress, but because contractions were so frequent, they wanted me to stay.  It was frustrating to be dealing with monitors, etc. when it was so early in the process.  By mid morning, we decided to move forward with a c-section and waited a bit until the doctor and OR were ready.  At about 1, they came and told Grandma to go get Grace, it was time to go.


The process moved quickly.  Bill was pleased that this time, he felt really informed in the process.  My doctor made sure that I was also knew what was happening at every stage.  I had a bit of an anxiety attack going in and was shaking through most of the process.  I admit I felt a little more than I was expecting.  There were lots of comments on how red heads are a bit more sensitive apparently. 

When they first showed her to me, I couldn't believe how tiny her little face was.  I was certain she would not weigh over 7 lbs.

While I was still in the OR, baby and Bill were off to the nursery where Grace and Grandma were excited to look in and see the baby.  I was obviously wrong about the weight.  They called the weight and length down to the OR, and I still have no idea where Faith put that 7 lbs, 7 oz, as she has the tiniest little head, and feet, and hands and absolutely no butt whatsoever!


Bill loved being able to have some bonding time with Faith.  The recovery room was right next door, so as soon as I was there, he and Faith came there with me. 

Grace was disappointed that she had to wait longer to hold the baby.  She was so ready!  Grandma said when she picked her up from school, she was sitting in the office looking so anxious, and ran and hugged her immediately.

And her moment FINALLY arrives!  Grace is so thrilled to meet her sister.  The excitement is almost too much for her.


And here is the peanut!  The name had been a semi carefully guarded secret.  Grandma and Grace were the first to know.  Kathy and Al had already guessed it, but we never let them know they had figured it out.


It's so hard to believe our long awaited miracle is finally here!