April 2007

The highlights of April were our trip to Minneapolis where Faith met Uncle Al & Aunt Kathy and Cousins Ryan and Lexi and our  Easter trip to Litchfield/O'Fallon where Faith got to meet Grandma and Grandpa Clasen, Uncle Dan, Aunt Mary Beth, and Cousins Megan, Ryan, and Katie.  Unfortunately, we didn't take many pictures at all.  It's so sad when you get home and realize there are not pictures of these big events.



While in Minneapolis, Faith had her first swim.  She loved it!  I wish I could say the same about her car ride.  She had some real issues there crying for large portions of that car ride.


Here are some shots from the Easter trip.  Yes, they were in their winter gear for the egg hunt.  When I purchased the Easter outfits who knew it would be cold in St. Louis in April?  There was lots of candy, and Grace's favorite was still Peeps!  Faith enjoyed watching everyone play.




Later in April, Grandma and Grandpa and the rest of us went over to Lake Geneva one gorgeous afternoon.  We rode in a horse and buggy ride which was nice, and then we did the boat tour around the lake.  It was the first day of the season.  Grace also put her foot in the water.  SO COLD!  We topped it off with ice cream and fudge.


I continued to develop my babywearing obsession as well as my carrier collection.  I won't provide all the pictures of me wearing the baby, but he's an adorable one of Grace carrying Faith in one of my wraps.  I would let her do it more often, but Grace gets a little too brave.  And as beautiful and graceful as she is while dancing, she can manage to fall down while standing still other times, so it makes me nervous.