Grace had her 4th birthday party on the 23rd of July.  We went with the Lion King theme because we went to the theatrical production in Chicago the week before.  We had a mock Safari to look for hidden stuffed animals.  We also played animal charades, and decorated crowns.  Good food, good friends, and lots of fun!
Here are some of the decorations.  Above was the craft table for making crowns.
Bill may be for hire soon.  He taught himself to make balloon animals this week.  He was busy making lions, elephants, snakes, and giraffes.  Despite his apparent unhappiness here, I think he really enjoyed it.  Grace lacked a little patience waiting for hers.
Time for CAKE!!!!
Some goofy Grace pics.  In the first she is walking away from us as we sing her Happy Birthday.  In the second she was getting silly as she opened her presents.  She got great stuff; a cool Barbie magnadoodle, jewelry making things, adorable clothes, a new game, etc.
Just loved this one of Grace's cousin Hunter. 
I can't believe she's 4 already.  She's going to start preschool in the fall in addition to going to Sue's house.  She's growing up and growing lots of attitude.  She's still my baby though.